Monday, December 9, 2013

A Dolly for Agatha from Randy

Randy Rann is one of the first characters I met during my very first mission trip to Nome, Alaska. I say character because…well…he was a character. Red haired, big bellied, and gentler than a teddy bear. His life’s mission during our time together became convincing me to eat grits. Randy came from Beaverdam Baptist Church in South Carolina and that whole group who befriended me during that first foray into missions. I saw Randy a few times after that trip during my visits to that group of people I love so much and he never failed to mention the importance of my eating grits. Well, Randy…this one’s for you.

My dearest and oldest friend in Uganda, Augustine and his new wife Angela, are so welcoming when I visit them, wherever they are. It was during one visit that Angela served porridge (grits). I immediately thought of friend Randy and gritted my teeth in order to swallowed it down. If I can eat goat, I can eat grits. What? Wait…yum!  Randy went to be with Jesus not long ago and I never got to tell him about my happy discovery and so this is my little tribute to him.

Augustine and Angela had their first “supposed to be a boy” baby a few weeks ago and I’d set this specific Randy-like dolly boy aside for that tiny one whose maama served me my first yummy grits. But when they said “it’s a girl” I thought…it figures...this dolly is a boy with bib overalls and a bit of a tummy. Still, Randy Rann…I know you’re with Jesus now but I want you to know that you made a forever impact on my life. I love you and miss you and some tiny memory lives on in the arms of this new little life.