Friday, November 15, 2013

50 Pair of Shoes to Build Victory Primary School

On Friday, December 6 I will be the guest of honor at Victory Nursery & Primary School in Barrio, Lira. I’m asked to prepare a speech about the importance of education for the caregivers of those children not yet attending school.

This is the three-room school currently in use.
Reaching our 50 Shoe goal will add one more classroom
for the students graduating to Primary 1 next year.
The Spirit brought to mind the story of the shoes that I’ve shared with you so many times. Those tiny shoes from Max’s kindergarten parent introduction meeting almost 18 years ago. The principal talked about how each little life represented by a different pair of shoes is not as easy as we might suppose. Around the world tiny shoes have life stories that we can hardly fathom. While we must leave these little lives in the hands of our Father, we can make a difference on his behalf.

This end of year celebration is designed to be a fundraiser for that school. They’ve grown so much and done so well, but the graduating class of pre-schoolers (there are three levels of preschool) need a first grade classroom to move into. Will you help change the path of these children by giving them a pair of little shoes and giving the school a new classroom?

Our goal is to raise funds for 50 pairs of shoes by December 1, that’s just two weeks from now. You can sponsor a pair of shoes for $25 – these will be brand new black school-required sensible shoes. The money remaining after purchasing shoes for the school children will be used to help build their classroom.

If you would like to help, click here and make your tax deductible donation now. We can make a difference!