Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pastor Njuguna's Entrepreneurship

As with almost every pastor in village East Africa, Pastor Njuguna has several income generating projects funding his life and ministry. Some of these ideas, I’m happy to report, came from Surprised by Hope’s asset-based development workshop. Pastor served as my translator for that course back in February and took those lessons to heart.

To begin, the church is digging a well to provide water for use on the church farm and for sale to nearby families. He’s raising rabbits for sale to tourist restaurants…though it’s difficult to multiply them given that he had only two and…one escaped. He’s built a chicken coop to house future chickens. He’s gardening – currently tomatoes – using irrigation to make these fruits available in the off seasons. And he runs a “general store” in the village center.

They very same day we prayed together for the favor of the Lord to multiply his work exponentially, Pastor Njuguna received a phone call about another income generating opportunity. This man works so hard to grow his church and his spiritual family. I love watching God increase his territory!