Sunday, October 6, 2013

Church Leadership Meeting

Sunday evening would be my last ministry responsibility in Marereni and in Kenya. Leaders of those churches founded by Pastor Tsofa came together for an evening of encouragement and teaching. We talked about some basic principles in establishing the church, as well as some leadership principles, character qualities, and the role of their wives in their churches.

Pastor Tsofa loves his wife and he acts like it. In a culture where public displays of affection are frowned upon, rather than pretending she’s a stranger, he acknowledges her role in the church and his life at every opportunity. He loves her. His agenda for our time together often included some ministry teaching about the role of women in the church and marriage. I love seeing he and Elizabeth together and remembering that people who saw Rick and I together knew that we loved one another too.

Several of these pastors didn't even have a Bible in their own language from which to preach. Thanks to Beaverdam Baptist Church, they do now!