Sunday, October 6, 2013

Biblically-based Business Teaching in Marereni

Marereni is the more centrally located venue where the three day workshop would take place. This new church boasted an iron sheet roof and open air walls. I was thankful for those open walls in this oven-like place. Following our time of praise and worship along with introductions, Pastor Tsofa quickly handed the translator’s microphone to Pastor Njuguna. Pastor Njuguna came to this three day workshop because we’d not done anything like it when I was with him and he desired to reinforce his learning from previous workshops. By now he has become an expert translator for me, not an easy task given the complex business concepts to which so few people have been exposed.

Pastor Tsofa shared some of the challenges they’re experiencing in this church and I was thankful to have the opportunity to pray with him about those challenges. During the second day of the workshop, the people asked for the opportunity to ask questions. As is common, the questions surrounded the role of women in the church and in the marriage. I was honored and blessed to provide some biblically-based teaching in this area. At one point I could feel God really take over, as the words from my mouth could never have been so well phrased.

Our aim was encouraging husbands to teach their wives about church business and to hear the voice of God. We also aimed at encouraging wives to be sensitive to the Spirit and to respond to their husbands accordingly. I can’t begin to properly explain all that was delivered but it was good stuff. Both the men and women received this teaching very well. The women, though, were excited to realize they have an important role to play and that their husbands welcome their participation. A small celebratory gift-giving ceremony at the end of the Sunday service resulted in a beautiful new outfit for me bought and paid for by these ladies. I am so humbled. God is truly amazing.