Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Agago District Church

Praises ring out in the distance, praises of thanksgiving that the visitor has finally arrived. It was 8:30 pm and the 12 hour journey via boda, taxi, then bus from Entebbe to Kitgum and then 1.5 hour via boda to the venue rendered me safe but tired. The people in Agago District, bordering Southern Sudan, have been waiting for me since Thursday (it’s now Monday). They came expecting a Friday-Saturday program but the bus that would deliver me was down, then it became a special hire. Only on Sunday was that bus finally able to take me to this place. Pastor told the people to go home because he wasn’t sure when I’d be able to come, but they refused. They stayed and praised, fasted, and prayed for my safe arrival. Wow, this is what it means to have your hope is in the Lord.

The group of more than 85 remained steadfast during their waiting and well after my arrival. Our worship and teaching together was lovely. Two of the most common comments offered at the conclusion of the workshops pretty much wherever we go are 1) how practical, applicable, and valuable the teaching is, and 2) how thankful they are that someone would come all the way to where they live to teach rather than simply staying in comfortable Kampala where only the most privileged can afford to attend. Thank you, Jesus, for knowing what the people need and for making me portable.