Saturday, August 10, 2013

Year 1 Training Program

This gaggle of ministry leaders gathered, traveled, and delivered the first seminar series at the Christian Leadership Center in Kitindi. Our time was short, though, incredibly short. We all had so much information we wanted to pour into these eager participants. Even the students, though exhausted by the time we were done, hungered for more.

Pastor Mike taught about having Christ-like character as a foundation to our own character. Pastor Kizombo taught about being a peacemaker amidst conflict. Doctor Leslie taught creative and critical thinking skills along with problem solving and ethical decision making skills. When we began, each topical study seemed to stand alone. Yet, as our teaching progressed we found connections and relationships among them all.

Participants struggle with various issues and are often quieted because of cultural norms. This forum allowed us to create a safe environment where we could help them address those issues in a very practical way. I thank God for those who served these students and pray that we have the opportunity to minister to these students in an even deeper, more personal way.

Rev. Kizombo Sr.

Pastor Mike

Dr. Leslie

Pastor Kizombo Jr.