Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Dreaded Journey (Day 3)

Morning didn’t come soon enough, as a mosquito nibbled my elbow raw during the night, and once again we were off. At 5:30 in the morning we had a mere 72 kilometers (44 miles) to cover. About half way into that journey we stopped for a view of the rice fields offered by our somewhat elevated position. The stop, though, was necessitated by some hardware falling off the truck such that the gas tank was dragging along behind us.

Just three short hours later we reached town, and as we pulled into a gas station, the brakes gave out. So close, but yet so far. Ushered into a taxi, those of us staying at the Hotel de Nard were whisked away to beds and water and food. The meal I’d talked about during this three day journey…a fruit cup and crepes…and gave me hope to keep moving. This is, after all, a French colonized city.

In all things I give thanks to God. What would life be like without a little adventure?