Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Shared Hope Prayer Walk

Our prayer time together began at the school where we prayed against the attacks of Satan, disorganized his plans, and scattered his minions never to return in Jesus’ name. Of course when you use the name of Jesus against such spirits they have nothing to do but obey. Have you ever thought about that? This knowledge has always given me strength. When I pray against the enemy in the name of Jesus there is nothing for the enemy to do but obey. Don’t let your mind in the natural tell you otherwise.

From the school we moved to the future site of the permanent school structure. We could see the sand and hard core stones preparing the way for the foundation and learned that bricks were coming the next day. We formed a circle, joined by the mzee (old man) and his wife who donated the land for the school building site, and prayed over that land. We claimed every place we set our feet to be for the purposes Jesus set forth. We prayed the enemy would flee never to return. We called out spirits of truth, righteousness, honesty, accountability, and the likes so that the children and the school would prosper. We prayed protection, health, and all that is needed to fulfill God’s plan in this place.

Moving to the gardens we found matoke tree plants starting to peek through the ground. Shared Hope for Orphans received 100 tubers from the government – in small part because of the business teaching we’d done two years ago. Among other plans for ongoing food sources, we prayed health and wisdom to make these crops grow and then nourish the children and families.

I am incredibly blessed to play a small part in working alongside Light Academy and Shared Hope for Orphans. They are the epitome of success and abundant blessing because of their faithfulness to God.