Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Man Bag

Why do I carry my bag across my shoulder? So it doesn’t get stolen off my shoulder or out of my hands. But yuck!!! How much more unattractive could this bulky thing be. Kudos to LeSportsac for making a bag for men that actually makes a woman look and feel ugly.

As for cleaning, well…the dust in East Africa requires an almost daily cleaning and this tightly woven nylon fabric resists that dust (or at the very least attracts it evenly)…cuz ya’ll know I don’t like to clean…anything.

The bag is certainly the perfect size for holding all I need for a trek outside the home. Though, I maintain this is a man bag…NOT a purse. I mean, look at this list of content…this is survival gear not girly gear. Okay, I have a nail file but that’s it!
Water to prevent dehydration
Camera to capture the moment
Pouch with ministry money
Pouch with personal money
Pouch with toilet tissue, business cards, ATM card, and flash drive
Notebook for pre-meeting prayer writing
List of things to do
Pen for recording expenditures
Hankie for mopping my brow
Copy of my passport
House keys
Insect repellant
Deck of cards for the wait, because we always wait

Though I know these are must-haves, I still can’t help but feel really ugly when I strap this thing across my shoulder. Until I remembered…Jack and Amy in action.

You see the resemblance, I'm sure!