Tuesday, August 6, 2013

19 Dashiki Shirts from Lamont CRC

Music rang out from the wooden stick structure called Berean Church of Kitindi, one of several churches planted by Kizombo Sr. The worship leader carefully selected known songs with specific focus – worship, praise, thanksgiving, forgiveness, etc. – as well as led spontaneously created songs that told stories of our visit. The drum and shaker thingy were all that accompanied the beautiful voices. After two hours of worship broken by occasional announcements or other pre-sermon activities, the message began.

After the service, Kizombo Sr. selected 19 boys to receive shirt gifts, though several other children snuck their tiny bodies into the fray. Gift giving is never easy, there’s never enough for every child no matter what the gift.

Sporting their new shirts, the children posed patiently for photos before I explained why they were receiving shirts. I told them about a group of boys at a church in America who love them and pray for them. I told them about the girly dresses and the competition between the boys and girls. They easily guessed who won that competition. In the end, one of the older boys responded with a corporate thanksgiving directed to the boys of Lamont CRC.

The Life in Africa ladies make dashiki shirts for Kitindi boys.