Friday, May 17, 2013

Dollies for Three from Nancy

Victor could not keep from peeking inside my bag. Most of its contents were my clothing but he sensed there was something more…and he was right. Three dollies – one of which happened to be a boy dolly – were nestled inside with just enough breathing room. Yes, even dollies must breathe. I felt the nudge of the Holy Spirit and soon that boy dolly was gripped tightly with both arms close to the chest of that small boy. As a matter of fact, I can’t recall seeing Victor without his new charge even once. Siblings were refused any hope of groping this treasure as well.

Because Victor is the pastor’s son, I spent more time with him and his siblings. During one waiting period, I decided to show them NOOMA Rain and have a little ministry time with them. What a blessing to talk to these children about their heavenly Father. A message, I’m sure, they’re not unfamiliar with. Yet, reinforcement from non-parental figures is always good.

Trina attended each workshop session with her maama and played quietly as most children do when instructed. Sometimes I’m amazed at the patience these children have while doing something entirely uninteresting and incomprehensible. What could a simple dolly do to help her pass the time. Though not quite sure how to answer that question, Trina gladly received her new love along with the message of Jesus’ love for her simple, tiny life and the prophecy that she would impact many nations.

Biakatunda was a squirmy girl. She hadn’t yet learned to be patient. Though when I held her, she simply leaned forward and put her forehead to mine. I think she was a bit pensive and this was the only way she knew to NOT see me so much. When she finally leaned back to have a look at this bright lady, she began the early stages of whimpering which normally leads to all out wailing. Back in her mother’s arms she was content to hold on to her dolly from afar.