Thursday, May 16, 2013

Christ Fellowship International

Sitting on a bench just out of the rain, Pastor Moses and I chatted for the first time. He told me about his idea for storing and transporting various produce and making them for sale in the off seasons as a means for supporting his family while continuing to pastor Christ Fellowship International in Kamuli. That one chat, along with the endorsement of several friends, led this man of God to invite Surprised by Hope to bring biblically-based business teaching to the church.

Pastor Fred – a former Kamuli resident – joined me in that small town as well. Pastor Fred is an excellent teacher and we’ve been working together for a while now. Pastor Fred is learning the content as well as developing that content more fully so that we can co-teach at least some of the various workshops in the Jinja area. My goal is that we can equip and empower Pastor Fred and leaders like him to facilitate either alongside or independently so as to expand the reach of the Gospel message with teachings applicable to practical everyday life.
We found one another in front of the Kamuli Supermarket as I purchased the props needed for illustrating lessons about creative and critical thinking as well as asset-based development. And then we found eager students waiting for us at the church. Our time together passed quickly but certainly not without many moments of realization. I love helping people see God in everyday life and helping them come to terms with their identity in Christ. This realization – that they are created in the image of God and ought to be imitators of Christ – changes the way they look at business. Imagine…if we can influence the way people conduct themselves for Jesus through daily transactions in the marketplace because they understand God’s economy according to Scripture…we can do anything with the help of Jesus.