Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sanctuary School

Michael and Silvia have about 20 resident orphans living in their two-room home – The Sanctuary Babies Home – and twice as many attending the small school they started. Most of the children are in what we call “baby class” which means they are preschoolers but as time progresses so do the children. They recognized that so many children in the neighborhood could not attend school because fees were too high and they knew for certain they could not pay for their 20 children to attend. Starting a school seemed like the only answer.

Temporary wooden structures rest just outside the compound gate and are almost ready to be filled with children. Michael also reports that he’s gardening on a few acres of land outside town as well. He’s using what he learned in the Entrepreneurship workshop to give back to his community, though the start is definitely not easy. Michael did report that the children went without food for a few days – and I believe him. I know this man and he is not one to ask unless there is an emergency. He believes in hard work and the blessings of the Lord.

While he is doing all he can to put to good use the assets he has around him, that doesn’t mean the way is easy. Please pray that Michael and Silvia would supernaturally have the resources they need to care for this future generation – that bags of rice would remain full, that cartons of whole milk would never run dry, that those sending their children to this school would have the resources in abundance to enable them to pay their school fees. In Jesus name, amen!