Sunday, April 21, 2013

Praise and Worship Church of All Nations

Pastor Gerald's jjaja, and now mine.
Bricks formed from the red clay earth depict the outline of what is now called Praise and Worship Church of All Nations. As is common, when the bricks run out the building stops. A temporary structure sits inside that foundation – rough hewn timbers support an iron sheet roof – to protect from sun and rain.

Alex leads part of the problem-solving exercise.
Inside that church voices ring out in song and dance, praising Jesus for his goodness. People gathered to learn together and though the numbers aren’t many – given how spread a part people are in the villages – all it takes is just one person to make a difference in their community. Pastor Gerald – a young man with a beautiful family – has a raw, authentic faith that humbled me. He’s not afraid to say that he’s young and new and at the same time he delivers the power and love of Jesus to a group of people who respect and look up to him.

I’m so thankful to Alone of Shared Hope for Orphans for connecting me to this lovely group of believers, to Alex for translating and slowly taking over teaching the lesson (training the trainers), and to Pastor Gerald and his leadership team for having such willing hearts, and to Pastor Gerald’s jjaja for giving her land freely to this church for the purposes of God.