Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Visit with the Jjajas

We huffed and puffed up to the island top in search of the path leading to the unsuspecting jajjas. Our visit this year was a little later than normal so we thought they’d be completely surprised…yet the boat driver (not sure what you call a fiberglass motorboat driver) beat us to their home and spoiled the surprise. This man unknown to the family spent his afternoon helping these 80+ year old ladies with some chores around their house including picking a few of the choice pineapples for our enjoyment upon arrival.

The bread and butter was jajja Manjerry’s (Marjorie) favorite gift among the sugar, rice, and other small gifts. No bread and butter for these little old ladies who will likely never get off the island again before they die. Among the many things we chatted about, jajja Ida asked about Heidi and when she would return and she asked about my sister – the one who made them blankets – and asked when she would come visit too.

Only the two elder ladies were reclining at home while the younger was off working somewhere. I noticed their hearing was acute, their memories intact, and their bodies literally worked to the bone. Such dear ladies.