Monday, March 11, 2013

Ugandans Helping Ugandans

Sponsorship-enrolled mothers receive books and pens to
help offset the cost of school requirements.

About a year ago I happened across two young Ugandan men in the airport in Turkey. We became “friends” on Facebook and one day not long ago, one of those young men spied me in Kampala. He proceeded to thank me for the work God is doing in Uganda and hand me 100,000 UGX to help the ministry having to do with teaching children. Shock scarcely describes my response to this generous young man. He met me once, followed my blogs, and picked the place he wanted to make a difference. Then…he gave. So many people here – particularly young people – have scarcely enough to feed themselves and here this man was giving me what could have easily been a month’s wages. I am so blessed. Here’s the story of all that his gift, along with the gift of a few other generous Ugandan leaders, accomplished.

Two big boxes of supplies for the school, the teacher, and the children.
Before heading up to the newly built school on Bubembe Island (a structure accomplished due at least in part to Vickie’s dedication to changing the mindset of these families in helping them understand the value of education), Vickie distributed some basic school supplies to the parents. These supplies are part of the items required by the school that each child provide lest they be sent home.

Amidst the piles of school and teaching supplies – erasers, chalk, paper, binders, lesson books, flash cards, and so many other things I can’t even remember them all…we presented this teacher with toilet paper. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a big smile or heard such a loud cheer from the parents. Seriously…when was the last time you were excited about receiving toilet paper as a gift? As a matter of fact, don’t you get a little peeved if someone before you leaves the roll empty?

Thank you Alex and all the other people who made these supplies possible for the people of Bubembe Island School.

When was the last time you were THIS happy
to receive toilet paper?

The view from the school room.