Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Teaching Schedule and Progress

Sitting in the shade of an unfinished brick room, the ladies continue to gather for tailoring class. We’ve run into a small concern with the teacher. She changed the schedule to meet her needs, which is less convenient for the rest of th

e group. Further, she sometimes doesn’t come and so students have also stopped coming. This behavior is unfortunately quite normal for Uganda but not at all what we will accept in America. And, well, we had a meeting to talk about the needs of the group and whether or not she was the right teacher to fill those needs. She agreed that she was and promised to improve for the good of the community. Please pray for us as I do believe she is a good teacher based on what I see from the students.

Students have recently requested “good” fabric so that they can begin making and selling their samples. Yea! I taught about creative and critical thinking and I believe they are starting to see the importance of creativity when it comes to entrepreneurship and work. I’ll reinforce that lesson as time progresses and we add other lessons to their toolbox.