Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mother's Face Disturbing Issues

Before coming to the island, Vickie and I met to talk about all that she hoped to accomplish here. I’m so glad we did because one of the items of importance to Vickie turned out to be far more critical than we’d dreamed. Before heading up to the school on Bubembe Island, we met with the mothers to talk about the things that concern them most. After asking some questions about sanitation, we learned something very disturbing. We learned that the only pit latrines on the island belong to the newly built school. The ladies were told they were not allowed to dig holes on the island because the land didn’t belong to them. So…use your imagination about how exactly sanitation might function here. Now, combine that with the non-functional bore hole (fresh drinking water) and see what images your mind conjures up.

Vickie has been faithfully serving the people on this island for a few years now and I believe God has opened the doors for her to make a real difference in the lives of these people including those who preposterously suggest that no pit latrines can be dug. Please agree with us in prayer.