Friday, March 22, 2013

Geoffrey Attends Theology School

Almost two years ago I introduced you to Geoffrey, assistant in-house chaplain at Bugembe Prison. He gave his life to Jesus after hearing me preach (undoubtedly following a lot of seed planting that had nothing to do with me). After beginning skills training programs in that prison, Geoffrey became the tailoring teacher there and did a terrific job with his responsibilities. When Frederick, the then in-house chaplain was released, Geoffrey became the lead chaplain and continued his tailoring teaching.

A few short months ago Geoffrey was released, having served his two-year sentence with good behavior. He stays close to Carpenter John and attends church with him at Bugembe Methodist Church. When asked, Geoffrey said that he wanted to get theology training and become a real pastor. What an amazing testimony to the wonderful things God is doing inside those prison walls.

Carpenter John, by the grace of God, received approval to allow Geoffrey to attend a particular school and earn a certificate in theology…at no charge. Geoffrey is responsible for his books and school materials but he can attend classes for free and receive a certificate upon completion. When visiting Geoffrey recently, Carpenter John found him in a handmade mud shack by the side of the road. If I understand correctly, Geoffrey simply found a small space where he thought no one would disturb him and started making mud from the ground to build a little hut.

During that same visit, Carpenter John observed that there wasn’t a single thing in this man’s house…including food. When asked, Geoffrey said he had no food and he had not resorted to stealing food and instead gave God glory for his life. Last week I handed Carpenter John an embarrassingly small shilling note and said he could use that to pay for the fuel he’d used in taking me up to the prison and give the rest to Geoffrey. Instead John gave the whole thing to Geoffrey so that he would not be tempted to steal.

There’s more. A few days after I gave that money Geoffrey called. He said thank you for the money and that he chose to buy one of the many needed books for his class rather than to buy food. People, we have got to do something! Can’t we provide the books he needs so that whatever small money he can scrape up with tailoring or other work can be money for food? Can’t we believe God for even more than that? Can’t we believe him for food? I think that even $50 total will buy his books for the term and give him a tiny bit of money for food for one month.

Please understand that there is risk in such an investment…but the potential reward must far outweigh that risk. Will you join me? If you’d like to help Geoffrey become a pastor and/or eat, please click here.