Thursday, February 14, 2013

Neighborhood Reading

The children of Beaverdam Baptist Church filled a shipping box with their Christian storybooks so that my neighborhood children in Uganda could have some books to read. While I’m amazed at how quickly books wear out here, I’m so thankful that the demand for these books creates such a problem. Sheffar is thrilled to have board books for her little yet destructive hands.

Faridah dove in to the pile and demanded to read on her own. She’s not interested in hearing me read anymore. It seems that no matter what I give her she can easily devour the text. She’s also discovering that most of the stories are the same (Noah, David, Jonah, etc.). I explained that because the stories come from the Bible they’re true. And true stories are told in different ways but the essence of the story is still the same…truth about who God is.

Thank you to the children of Beaverdam. You are making a big difference in your world!