Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Dolly for Little One from Zoe

This little one sat outside the church door along with who I assume is her grandmother and played quietly as only some children do. Her bright smile and curious gaze caught my eye. While the class watched a film I snuck out with her small gift. Handing the dolly to little one, she didn’t even seem to realize that she should reach up and receive the gift. It wasn’t fear, it was more like she didn’t know what to do to receive something.

A prompting from her grandmother encouraged her, though she was more observant of the giver than the gift. After I returned to the classroom – a safe distance away – she began exploring that dolly: dress, eyes, hair…under the dress. Each time I peeked out the door, she was checking to see if I watched her and would pause long enough for me to retreat.

I left her wishing I could give so much more.