Saturday, January 12, 2013

Kamuli Pastor's Breakfast

Eleven pastors from a variety of denominations around the Kamuli community gathered for this last minute pastor’s breakfast. Angela and Rose worked their magic and prepared a beautifully presented breakfast for these faithful men. Augustine mentioned that they’d never gathered together before and that he thought the idea of mutual support and encouragement was much needed and ought to be repeated regularly.

We used the time for dialogue about successes and failures in 2012 and goals and plans for 2013. We talked about how those goals aligned with their established vision and mission – some were well aligned, others scratched their heads a bit. A few other business-related topics continued and then the meeting turned to a collaborative problem solving dialogue. These men need one another and realized they could actually work together rather than in competition if they were willing to be vulnerable with one another.

Once the discussion time came to a close, I showed the film called NOOMA Rhythm | 011.Given our discussion about whether their actions aligned with their vision (and thus God’s plan for the church), the film was a perfect fit. Discussion that followed was filled with signals of comprehending the metaphor found in the film. Pastors were challenged to examine not whether or not they were playing the right song, but instead whether they were in tune with the song. Given the integral role music and dance play in the African culture, the film was very well received. Based on what the Holy Spirit revealed to each of us, we joined hands and prayed for one another. A sweet harmony.