Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kalagala Falls

Forty-five minutes on the back of his dirt bike, one way, he warned me that it might not be easy. I had to be a tough girl though. He was right. Not much cushion on those seats. Oouwie. The goat we hit on the way home wasn’t too happy either, though the bike just kept right on going. I was envisioning the flesh scrape off my body, given my knowingly inappropriate attire for this ride, though Alex maintained perfect control. Post trip sunburn is another story. It was cloudy all day, how could I possibly be fried?

This afternoon trip was something we’d wanted to enjoy for some time given the flooding of Bujagali Falls and we finally found the time. There’s just something about the sound of rushing water that is so mesmerizing and stress relieving. We talked about the huge business opportunity at this easily accessible falls and dreamed of the way the place would look when we were finished spending someone else’s money.

I’m so thankful for Alex and all that he does to help Surprised by Hope and for me.