Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Jesus Film in Lango

Remember the Proclaimer that I delivered to Karamoja? The audio Bible in Karamajong? Pastor Patrick reported that this tool has been amazingly helpful to Pastor Martin who is the leader in the Nakapiritpirit church. Just like having the Bible in their own language, having the Jesus film in Lango for the people of Oyam North was just as valuable. When people can hear the story of Jesus in their own language their hearts are touched in a way that is different than any translation could provide.

This is only a tiny faction of all who showed up for film ministry.
Every night people lined up at the door asking when the film would begin, disappointed that we weren’t showing the film every night (the availability of petro was limited). The first night, a little old lady dropped her two coins on a table and said that she wanted to be sure she contributed to making sure the film ministry happened. Felt a bit like the widow and her two mites.

The crowd was massive. Not only did the entertainment factor bring people for the film, but the message of Jesus and his sacrifice during this Christmas season was compelling. I will admit, though, that the people were laughing at certain points in the show where we were a bit perplexed. For example, I understand when they laugh because a man is showing his bare legs. That’s anti-cultural. But why laugh at the so many other inopportune moments. It’d be interesting to understand better so the film can be made appropriate for these different cultural groups.