Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pastor Patrick's Home

Mud huts fill in the space that is a small part of Pastor Patrick’s land. A few for sleeping, for cooking, for storage, and the like. A half circle made up the bathing area while cows, children, chickens, and the occasional adult meandered past…while I was bathing. The grass thatch holds up surprisingly well against the occasional pouring rain. Though, this church collapsed during the last big wind and rain storm (“big” being relative). Church members now meet under a tree.

The women work all day long preparing meals for the visitors, meals the size of mountains that no right-minded muzungu could even begin to finish on his or her own. They kindly ensure I have the only fork in the village for each meal. Standard Ugandan fare often includes several of the following: cassava, rice, pocho, beans, greens, peas, g-nut sauce, beef, chicken, and goat. While I do actually like traditional Ugandan food, the fact that it goes in looking the same as it comes out plays with my mental faculties just a bit.

I am truly honored that, although this is a cultural norm, these women would slave over all they do to ensure visitors are well cared for. I was never a very good American wife in the traditional sense – a fact made known before I got married – and I’m quite sure I would fail miserably as a Ugandan wife in the traditional sense as well. I can only stand with my mouth agape as these ladies work tirelessly and endlessly in service to us. Bless them in abundance, Jesus.