Friday, December 7, 2012

Light Academy End of Year Celebration

The children of Light Academy finished their school year well. The Academy is under the care of Shared Hope for Orphans and can boast some wonderful changes over this past year including an increase in enrollment due to parents demanding that their children attend this simple, wood-sided school. The school stands in financially for those families with only one living parent, which makes a large majority of students. Through this act, they show their compassion for the children.

25 Mosquito Nets Donated for the Chidren in Boarding School

As with any good celebration, the local chairman was on hand to officially open the event. No event can take place without his sanction and he was quite happy to do so on this special day. Other guests of honor included the mayor, various local leaders, the pastor, and somehow I made that list. Children danced and sang as onlookers gave small coins to acknowledge them. The teachers, when introduced, jested good-naturedly and the children had fun with them as well.

By the time the celebration was nearly complete, every chair was packed with parents and other well wishers. The whole community came dressed in their Sunday best to encourage the school and to share a meal. I’m so very proud of this organization and their care for these children as well as for the orphans to whom they provide a free education, housing, food, and other needs. What an excellent model of what it means to love your neighbor.