Wednesday, December 19, 2012

FedEx Delivers 100 Christmas Dollies

Sopping wet is the best way to describe the giant box the FedEx man delivered…at 11:30 pm. The 7:00 pm delivery time…well, this is Africa. So thankful I suggested that Liz put the dollies in bags before shipping…just in case they get wet! Though they had to hold their breath for a couple weeks, these girls and boys were dry as a bone and ready to play. They scootched their way out of their plastic home and danced with joy at reaching Uganda safely.

After a bit of wild energy, each dolly marched to his or her place on the sofa to be accounted for. 76 dollies sponsored….check. 76 girls and boys excitedly waiting for his or her new maama or taata…check. 76 girls and boys staring across the abyss wondering what will happen to their 24 unsponsored brothers and sisters…sniffle, check.

Sponsored Dollies
The 24 remaining dollies looked back at their family with smiles. They were so thankful these siblings would soon have a new home. They danced with joy and displayed their best and brightest faces with a last minute hope for a surprise adoption so that they can join the rest of their family on Christmas day. All it takes is $25 tax deductible donation and one dolly can move to the other side. If you’d like to help a dolly join her family in gift giving on Christmas day in Namavundu, Uganda, click here to make your donation. Give a meaningful gift to someone you love just in time for Christmas.

Our goal was 100 Christmas Dollies, will you help?

Choose the dolly who is calling your name and I'll put your name on her wrist.