Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Dress for Prisca from Kathleen

Clear snot ran down Prisca’s beautiful tiny lip. She cried…a lot. It wasn’t a whiney cry but an “I don’t feel good” cry. When extending my hands making the American “do you want me to pick you up” gesture, she was quite relieved. Children in Uganda don’t get coddled or cuddled much after they learn to walk – surely a crime somewhere. She snuggled up with her tiny black head on my shoulder and settled in. This happened several times throughout the visit (sometimes my job is so rough). Whereas the other children wanted to touch my white skin and run away, Prisca wanted to be up close and personal.

The final workshop morning, I sat in my blue plastic chair watching the day come into fullness. Prisca found her way to me and climbed up. As usual, the Holy Spirit highlights these kinds of children just especially for me. We walked hand in hand into my room to change her into her new girly dress (a perfect fit) and then back to the blue chair. Immediately after sitting down, Prisca sneezed. I felt it on my arm and wiped it away, with only a slight wince, like any mother would. Then Pastor Fred pointed out that “a little got on my blouse,” trying hard to be tactful and kind without wiping at the new problem. Yes, Prisca sneezed and I’m pretty sure every ounce of snot in her entire head was now spread all over my left…um…side. There would be no wiping this up. This was a shirt changer. Good thing I choose mix and match clothing when I go to the village.

The evening of the new dress was also film ministry evening and once again, in the blackness of night, Prisca found her way to my lap while the film played. Ya, gotta love God for kids like this. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Click here if you’d like to sponsor a dress for a girly too. The money is used to provide startup supplies to tailoring training graduates in Kamuli.