Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Dolly for Diana from Sue

Kansanga Miracle Center had a thanksgiving celebration on December 20th. My second year at this Christmas program was just as rewarding as the first. Vickie manages to get me a super-VIP seat and the meal is always delicious. This woman of God is always faithfully serving her church and the various outreaches they hold. I’m so thankful for her.

Just inside the balcony door I found my white plastic chair. The choir at this church is amazing so I had a premium view. While waiting, little Diana and her shock of hair caught my eye. She wasn’t sure about greeting me but eventually gained the courage. She was rewarded with a dolly whose head peaked out the top of my big black bag. The smile spread wide across her face and her maama was so surprised.

Upside down the dolly went as Diana checked under the dress. She took of the name card and put it back on about three times…just testing the working parts. Bows, ribbons, buttons…each detail poured over with the care of a true mother.

Vickie found me in that balcony and escorted me to the fourth row in the front and the worship began. Bye-bye Diana and hello singing and dancing and praise. Thank you, Jesus, for a little bit of normal home’ish Christmas programs with a whole lotta power!