Friday, December 28, 2012

100 Christmas Dollies Delivered

All 100 dollies fit easily into the big black bag, except for the one who demanded to peek out as we traveled. Merry Christmas to Henry, my favorite boda-boda driver at home, who picked us up and delivered us safely to Entebbe Road. The various taxi drivers thought sticking the precious cargo in the boot was the best way for them to travel. I held my breath on their behalf – dust and fumes abound in that part of the vehicle.

After meeting up with Vickie at the Gayaza stage, we headed out toward Namavundu. Charlie’s wife, one of the Life in Africa group leaders, and a few neighbor friends carried the big black bag as curious children began tagging along behind. We parked ourselves at the market center and the older girls helped distribute the dollies. Vickie was in charge of photos and she did a good job given that she’d never taken photos before, though the children weren’t interested in hanging around for pictures. I’m so sorry we didn’t get pictures of each and every child so that you could find your dolly. So very sorry. Very sorry.

Take a look at these adorable faces. The children were tickled. We had just enough dollies for the children in the area. They seemed to understand that when they were gone, they were gone. I can’t wait to return to see the dollies life after Christmas.

A HUGE thank you to every person who sponsored a dolly to make this Christmas event a success and to ensure skill training could continue in the small village of Namavundu.