Friday, November 9, 2012

The Making of the Dollies

Finding just the right fabric for the tiny brown bodies
is important to be sure they withstand the harsh conditions
in which East African children live. And even then, there’s no guarantee.

The shiny machine must zigzag its way
through the various fabric thicknesses
including the four layers of dress fabric that crosses over the shoulder.

I’ve been told that even my father helps stuff these dollies.
I can imagine him stretched out on the lanai
jamming his finger into an arm or a leg to be sure these babies are fully formed.

I found several dollies hiding in a dresser drawer.
I think they were afraid of the surgery required to add their hairs.

An evening of HG TV might be just what my mother needs
as she carefully stitches the boy hairs and the girl hairs in place.

The many fabrics donated by the many women
will eventually become the dresses and overalls
chosen specifically to compliment the skin tone of each dolly.

Buttons, thread and other notions are carefully selected
to compliment the adorable dresses and overalls.

Finally, the clothing is sewn together with all the accent pieces
and the dollies are dressed for their journey.

A trip to the post office finalizes the process.
Getting 100 dollies into one box is no easy task.
Can you say “Can of Peanut Brittle”
(you know, the kind that snakes pop out of and scare you half to death)?

100 Christmas Dollies