Friday, November 9, 2012

The Dolly Story from the Eyes of Their Maker

You all know how Leslie became a missionary in Uganda. Not long after she began her ministry, she asked if I could make something to give the children there. They were playing with sticks and stones, empty water bottles, paper cups and trash.

Doll lover that I am (I still have a few myself) I worked on a pattern for a cloth doll that was simple yet sturdy. After several attempts, the dollies you see today were created - four at first, then a few made from Leslie's husband Rick's shirts. More dollies were needed so the real work began.

Eight dollies were shipped to Uganda along with a package of toilet paper, a pricey item to purchase there. These dollies made it to the post office in Kampala, but were held hostage there for over two months due to a small glitch in the address. Praise God, they were eventually released.

The first dollies were given to little girls in Uganda. When they were displayed at craft shows here people wanted them for themselves and were given the opportunity to sponsor a dolly for $25.00 and see a photo of the child who received it.

The dolly ministry began to grow to include little boys and I needed help with materials to make them. An appeal was made to my Sunday school class at First Baptist Church in Palmetto, FL. These wonderful ladies have cleaned out their sewing boxes and provided almost everything needed to make the dolls - fabric, thread, yarn, buttons, stuffing, ribbon. Two of the ladies made dozens of little dresses to clothe them and some have helped in their assembly.

A request was made (Leslie knew I couldn't say “no”) for 100 dollies for this event. Over the last several months we got them all made and shipped to MI. I hope you fall in love with one of them and sponsor her for a precious little girl or boy in Uganda.