Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Black Friday Dollies

 “Pick me, pick me,” shouts this little dolly from his lookout. The retail store shelves are jammed with toys and other gifts just waiting to be tasted, tested, tried, and otherwise touched with hopes of going home in your shopping bag. Remember Woody and Buzz Light Year as they anxiously hoped for some child to pick him off the shelf? Well, these dollies long to be picked off the shelf too. They’re excitedly waiting for their long voyage across the ocean to be delivered on Christmas day to a child living in a country far, far away.

So many people will shop the popular retail stores in the early morning hours of Black Friday. Lots of great deals on lots of needed (and unneeded) items await the throngs. Only those brave enough to stand in the cold and patient enough to wait in line will receive their reward. And while the process of shopping with friends and family might be lots of fun, some of you might also come away wondering about the time and money spent on such gifts.

Consider a new kind of gift, one with eternal meaning. Consider giving a child in the slum of Uganda a dolly for Christmas…perhaps the only toy he or she may have. Consider giving a hot meal with meat…a luxury to the families in this neighborhood. Consider giving the people ongoing skilled trades training…so they can provide for their families. But most of all, consider giving the people in this neighborhood a fresh perspective about how much God loves them and has not forgotten them…the gift of the living Hope (1 Peter 1:3-4).

100 Christmas Dollies is a project designed to give a whole community hope. For your $25 tax deductible gift, we’ll deliver your dolly and so much more on Christmas day. Currently 73 of the 100 dollies are sponsored and we’d like you to join us in reaching the 100-dolly goal. As a matter of fact, we’re believing God for more than 100 sponsorships so that Charlie can expand his business while his wife participates in the skills training program.

Are you getting ready to shop on Black Friday? Instead, sponsor a dolly for your children or grandchildren; for your sister, mother, or wife; for your girlfriend, coworker, or boss. These adorable, hand-made dollies make great gifts with lasting impact. Help us reach our 100-dolly goal – only 27 more to go. Click here to join us and sponsor your dolly today.

·         Watch the story of the Christmas delivery event as well as ongoing project updates by clicking here.
·         Check out the blog for dollies previously given to the children of East Africa.

Can you hear your dolly calling your name?