Monday, November 5, 2012

A Dolly for Maria from Anonymous

Eyes closed. This special boy dolly is given anonymously in memory of Jeremy Droge who went to be with Jesus on July 24…way too early. Maria’s daddy went to be with Jesus too early too. Tiny Maria told me that she's about nine years old and her daddy went when she was about five. Maria stays with a nearby friend because she has no biological family who will take her. A very common life for children in Uganda. When I asked Maria if she remembered how sad she felt when her daddy went to heaven she was very firm in her reply. She remembered.

I told her that a girl in America lost her daddy too and that this dolly can be a reminder to her to pray for Kaitlyn’s heartache. She received that dolly with the world’s biggest smile. She promised to pray for Kaitlyn and Kaitlyn’s mommy whenever she saw that dolly (which will be often).

Scripture refers to death metaphorically as sleep, and that’s why this particular dolly is wearing his clothes facing the eyes-closed side. But one day, Jeremy’s wife and daughter will see him again – and Maria will see her daddy again too – and those tiny bibs can be turned to the eyes-open side of the dolly.

I am all too familiar with the pain this family is experiencing, particularly as I approach the fourth anniversary of Rick’s death, and I feel so honored to be entrusted to give this particular gift of love. I only wish I could do more. Shannon and Kaitlyn, my heart both aches and rejoices with you.