Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Shared Hope for Orphans' Boys

Roads between Bugembe and Buwenge are notoriously rutty. Not only are they rutty but it seems they are strategically designed to force each and every vehicle to have at least one tire in some pothole of varying depths at all times. Taxis are no exception. None the less, Alex and I arrived safely in Buwenge and boda’ed to Shared Hope for Orphans without a hitch.

The leadership team was ready and waiting for us, always so kind and warm when we arrive. Our teaching today would be on the topic of customer service with emphasis on biblical service and communication. I pondered the value of customer service teaching for an organization whose focus was not retail related and decided that the principles were valuable in all relationships, not just retail service.

I always love coming to visit this organization in particular because each time I do I find some way that they’ve applied what they learned the last time we were together. They make forward progress toward their mission constantly, however hard they struggle to do so. This time was no different.

This time I found a small rented home near the school where several orphaned boys from the streets of Jinja were finding shelter, food, and love as well as receiving the education they so desperately need at no charge to them. Shared Hope for Orphans truly loves these boys and to do so sacrifice a great deal. Love is a sacrifice, isn’t it?

Three requests were on the lips of these leaders, and based on my observations…each is necessary. Would you like to help? I personally endorse their use of funds and money management and will very likely be directly involved in seeing these needs get met. If you’d like more information, please let me know.

1.      The organization received a grant for a poultry project but needs money to purchase the vaccinations and other supplies needed to keep the chickens.
2.      The wood-sided school is quickly being outgrown. Parents are moving their students from fancier schools to this one for many very positive reasons. Bricks are available as one of the projects Shared Hope uses to provide an income for their children but the other building supplies are needed.
3.      The orphan boys are receiving a free education but Shared Hope for Orphans could use your help in providing for their basic needs. Renting the home, providing food, school requirements and the like are needed to ensure these children thrive.