Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kamuli Tailoring Program

Aside from the blessing of Augustine’s presence and our time of prayer together, my main purpose for visiting Kamuli was to move the tailoring program there (sponsored by the women’s group at Beaverdam Baptist Church) into their final weeks. The group has met four times weekly for the past five months and this next month will be their last. It’s time for them to become independent tailors.

The ladies were encouraged to think about how Jesus had a purpose on earth and how that purpose directed his every action and decision. We prayed that they too would find their God-given purpose and that they would use that knowledge to help them make decisions about how to apply their new skills. We talked about how and where to find work, how to develop skills after the program is complete, and how they can help the next group of students.

I delivered some notions supplied by my lovely friend Anna. I also delivered a few patterns for items the new tailor ladies could make and sell – such as boy shorts, baby bibs, and tote bags – supplied by Donna’s maama. I left behind a tissue cozy package as well. I told the ladies if they were well made I would pay them for their work so they’ll have money to get started on their first tailoring projects.

My prayer now is that we have the funds needed to start another round of teaching with all new students. Are you part of a women’s group? Who would like to join with a new group of ladies in Kamuli who already have two sewing machines and a place to work but need the salary for a good teacher (which we have found) and the teaching materials?