Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kamuli Pastors

The trip to Kamuli is just an hour beyond Buwenge on roads similarly difficult. Although hope is in the air, along with more dust, construction-based road humps slow travel. I hate to tell you just how much dust washes out of even my underwear…so I won’t.

Long time friends, Pastors Augustine and Joel started a home-church in Kamuli. During this visit I had the opportunity to attended Augustine’s wedding introduction meeting, which was very interesting. Introductions are a formal part of the engagement process here. A group of close friends comes together to help plan the introduction and the wedding as well as support the couple financially through the process. I met lots of Augustine’s pastor friends and am looking forward to the December wedding.

Pastor Joel and his wife, Rose, recently had their first baby – Kisakye Ruth – and this adorable, content baby was precious in my arms. Once we pulled out the camera, though, all the neighbor children came running. Okay, well, they came running when the muzungu showed up but getting a good picture was a challenge. I don’t think I heard that baby make a peep the whole time I was there.

One of their pastoral duties included visiting the local chairman’s daughter in the hospital. She’d just delivered a baby too – lots of new babies around. I’ve been to hospitals in various parts of Uganda before and am always in awe of the waiting rooms (outside under a mango tree) and the extensive families that come to care for the sick loved one.

Pastor David – affectionately called King David – is a School of Ministry graduate like Augustine and Joel, but he graduated just this past May. David’s home is Kamuli and he’s walking alongside Augustine and Joel in their home church. As always, it was good to see his smiling face.

A few months ago, Augustine told one of his new friends about Surprised by Hope. Pastor Fred then invited me to do some biblically based business teaching in a couple vocational schools he has connections to. He and his wife just had their first baby as well and a visit to his lovely home was so pleasant. His beautiful wife shone with joy. We’re hoping that soon we’ll travel to Kuyunga to teach at two different schools in that area.

While waiting for Augustine’s introduction meeting to begin (Africa time, you know), I had the opportunity to talk with Pastor Moses. He was excited about the idea of bringing business teaching to the church and shared his idea of a cooperative transportation business for the various agriculture products grown in Kamuli.

Pastors pastors pastors. I am so blessed to have once again had the opportunity to walk alongside so many godly people.