Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bugembe Prison Worship Service

Wool blankets covered the ground drying in the hot sun after a good washing. Just finishing their morning routine, the prisoners were summoned to prepare for their Sunday service. Before entering the stifling room where church is held, Carpenter John called the three old men to receive eyeglasses supplied by Beaverdam Baptist Church friends. These men approached with their Bibles, another gift orchestrated by Paul from Beaverdam, and almost jumped up and down when they found the eyeglasses that most suited their needs. Wish I could have taken a picture of the three of them with the tags dangling off their noses and the little sticker in the upper right corner of their new specs. They were absolutely thrilled.

Later in the church service, two of the old men who received glasses gave the testimony that they had once known Jesus but fell away from him. Being back in prison renewed that relationship and they thanked God for that experience. Little did they know that the message I would deliver would come from Philippians where Paul testified that he would use his prison experience to glorify God. Another man testified to the brotherly love he found in prison rather than the fighting and animosity he expected. I can attest to that sense of a peaceful spirit there.

After delivering the message from Philippians 1 that had ministered to my heart (a gift from Marti), three men made decisions to accept Christ as their personal Savior. Praise God for his perfect timing in the way this message came together and was received. Please continue to uplift Andrew, Dramon, and Martin as two of the men prepare for their court trials and seem to associate accepting Jesus with acquittal. Also, pray for Carpenter John as he continues to disciple these men in the truth of what accepting Christ really means.