Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fun and Games at The Sanctuary

I knew all the juggling practice would pay off!

I promised the children of the Sanctuary Babies Home, the ones who memorized the numbers on the back of the Memory game cards rather than the pictures on the front, a new game the next time I came. I was surprised to find the number of children at the home had nearly doubled. It’s a good thing that this time I brought two new games.

Bean bag tossing.
For sewing practice, the ladies of Konoweka finished filling and sewing up some beanbags my mother made. With a handful of these heavy things, I wowed the children with my juggling skills (it doesn’t take much). From there, though, we played beanbag toss as well as a simple form of catch. The children came up with all kinds of creative ways to play with the beanbags.

Dennis, the leader of Shelemiah Orphan’s Home, gave me a bag of giant pictures with detailed Bible lessons printed on the back. I brought these lessons to Michael at the Sanctuary and started the children off with a lesson about the Bible as God’s word and as one way we can know who God is. The lessons are geared for children who are a bit older but with little effort they can easily be adapted for these younger children. I love when people share their resources for the benefit of others.

Time for the real new game…Chutes and Ladders. Only four players at a time can master this game so it was great to have a few new toys and games to keep the others busy. It took a while for the children to learn what to do at the top and bottom of chutes and ladders but the oldest finally caught on. He was tasked with ensuring he helped the other children understand too.

Just before we said good-bye, Heidi read the children a story and sang a song. They loved her fun activities and were quite happy to snuggle up and listen.  Bye-bye kids, see you next time, we love you.

Chutes and Ladders. Only the oldest boy here really understood the game.
I charged him with teaching the younger ones.