Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Dress for Rachel from Ayden

Rachel comes over almost every day
wearing her little dress.
You all remember Rachel, she is the youngest sister to Fahrid and Sharon. As a baby she was horrified of me, but since she got her little feet under her she is full of personality and quite happy to copy her sisters in all they do. I handed Fahrid a bag of pineapple, for her family for which she knelt to receive them as is the custom, and little Rachel squatted her little legs down too. When the children knock on the door asking for story time, little Rachel’s face is plastered on the glass looking inside. When I open the door the children pile at me for hugs and little Rachel is no exception. When Fahrid and Sharon repeat the lines of the Bible story after me, Rachel’s jibber jabber can be heard in the mix at just the right times. If the sisters run up the street to greet me with hugs, Rachel runs to me with hugs too. Just the other day the girls and their brother came for a Bible story on the front porch and left Rachel behind. She stood in her yard bellowing at the top of her lungs until I came and got her.

This tiny tot is often found in her birthday suit, in her sister’s oldest and holist shirts, or worse. It’s a bit like the value of clothing for a child who will simply wear those clothes out is nil. Fahrid and Sharon wear their little sponsored dresses constantly, although far from clean they’ve held up quite well. I started thinking…doesn’t Rachel need a little dress too?