Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Dolly for Kisakye from Sally

This tiny little girl followed me around after introductions at Pastor Irene’s Nazarene Church. She blended in so well with all the other children except that she was small, and young, and quiet. She didn’t want to hold my hand…she wanted to be held. Who am I to refuse such a thing? I scooped her up and she joined us for the tour of the compound. Setting her down as we entered the house, she stayed close by.

As Heidi prepared to deliver her message to the older girls of the orphanage and to Pastor Irene, she asked me to bring in a few gifts left in the car. Upon reaching the boot (trunk), I found little Kisakye looking up at me with her adorable brown eyes. All I could hear was Sally’s teatime dolly calling out to little Kisakye. The dolly jumped into Kisakye’s arms and off she ran with her new charge. Wait, wait…I would like a picture.

Back in the house Kisakye perched on my lap while Heidi ministered to the girls…after each had a moment to awe over the adorable doll with teapots all over her dress. Heidi loves tea so it makes perfect sense that this was the dolly for Kisakye. We enjoyed a bite to eat and made our way to the car once more in an effort to keep time. As we did so, Kisakye helped herself to the house next door where a loud joyous shout went out…from her mother. Apparently Kisakye is not an orphan child but instead a neighbor child. Her mother poked her giant smile out the door and thanked me for the sweet gift. Bye-bye Kisakye.