Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Village Hope for Orphans

Mark and Stacy’s hearts beat in time with the heart of God, particularly for orphans. They believe God has a special place in his heart for widows and orphans simply by virtue of how much he speaks of them, how he commands Israel to take care of them, and how we as Christians have been brought in as orphans to his family.

I met the couple through friends of friends and we quickly saw how we could encourage one another in this far-away land. We began working to develop their strategic framework so that these next few months of exploration and fact finding would guide their final decisions before launching into ministry. The result of our work together is a name for their ministry and a guiding vision and mission statement.

Our vision is to raise up East African villages so that they recognize and defend orphans as wholly accepted members of God’s family. We will achieve this vision by equipping school teachers to create an environment where all children benefit from living life together.

We know that their wading pool experience will inform their strategic framework but love that there’s a bit of focus guiding them as they begin. I look forward to watching God unfold his plans for their ministry in Uganda.