Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kakria Prison Launches Skills Development Training

Word traveled fast and Kakira Prison leaders are asking for a training program like that of Bugembe Prison. We’ve visited there a few times and each time I came away feeling as though we ought to start this program. Although I did not visit Kakira this time, I did leave funds with Carpenter John to purchase a sewing machine and the supplies needed as well as money for the supplies needed to begin cobra training. This smaller prison will be well-equipped, now, to begin in the same way as Bugembe. I look forward to seeing how they are progressing when I return in June. Carpenter John keeps adding to his wish list…next, he says, he wants to start a skills training program for women in Iganga Prison. There is no end to the work that man does for the Lord!

Carpenter John displays the new machine he purchased.