Friday, March 30, 2012

Social Studies or Sunday School

Dear Social Studies Ladies,

Yes, that is how I think of you. You are the Social Studies ladies. Mom tells me she’s meeting the “ss ladies” and the closest I come to a quick reference is Social Studies. I chuckle at my inability to more quickly arrive at the words Sunday School, but then I think about the reality of your group. You are a great lesson in Social Studies. You have come alongside my mother, and thus alongside me and Jesus, in a very social way. Not only do you encourage one another in the Word, but you encourage one another by helping provide for and make these beautiful dollies and dresses. In doing so, you are absolutely fulfilling your call to participate in the Sunday School group. That’s what Sunday School is all about, isn’t it? About community, about sociality, about service, about being Jesus’ hands and feet?

I want you to know that I love you so very much. Not only for your gifts of service or for your lovely relationships with one another. Mostly I love you for showing me a glimpse of the positive impact Surprised by Hope has on people everywhere, not just in East Africa. I know you’d be gathering and serving with or without this ministry, but because you are serving the people of East Africa through Surprised by Hope, I have the opportunity to see something happening in your lives that so blesses me.

Thank you. Thank you for being that beautiful servants Jesus designed us all to be.

Your daughter,