Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dashiki Shirts for Boys

What in the world is a dashiki shirt? I hate to admit that I had to ask that question when the lovely Krisha offered to use her gifts and talents to support Surprised by Hope. She kindly explained that the dashiki shirt is a colorful shirt worn by men in Africa. I recognized the shirt style when looking at pictures and thought this would be a great compliment to the girly dresses that have become so popular. After all, boys need clothes too.

More shirts coming soon.
Now is your opportunity to join with the many girly dress sponsors and be the first to sponsor a dashiki shirt for boys. While the money from girly dress sponsorships is used to support the Konoweka Orpahans and Widows Hut tailoring program, the money from the dashiki shirts will be used to supply the tailoring program in the prisons.

Click here to sponsor a dashiki shirt for $25 and watch the blog for the story of the boy who receives your shirt along with the progress made in developing skills for the men staying in the prisons surrounding Jinja in Uganda.