Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Twin Dollies for Cynthia and Bobo from Grayson and Isaac

Every set of twins stood out to me until I suggested that someone might like to sponsor twin dolls. After that sponsor stepped forward I was hard pressed to find one single set…of course. I had so hoped to give the twin dolls to twin girls, but…it wasn’t meant to be. Instead Cynthia and Bobo each received a dolly. These girls are part of the group of four girls who always greet me in a culturally proper, respectful manner...the ones who live up the road and always say hello as I pass by.

Cynthia, Samat, Bobo
The girls weren’t sure exactly what to do with the dolls but the maamas were so very interested…particularly in the sleepy face and awake face. Big smiles on their own faces, the maamas were so appreciative. I’m glad these relationships continue to grow and will be very sad when I have to leave. I hope they don’t forget me.