Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Dolly for Lohir (LowHear) from Christian

Lohir is a new baby to The Sanctuary and was content to look on as the other children smothered me to hear the story and then colored their pictures. Treat time, though, resulted in her enjoying this yummy purple sucker. Several of the children chose bubble gum from the candy pouch and, as usual, behaved as though bubble gum was a novelty. The gum spent more time outside their mouths than inside. As a result, somehow…Lohir ended up with strings of bubble gum stuck all over her. I have no idea how given that she was not the eater of bubble gum (see the string on her forehead).

As the older children were displaying their musical talents, Lohir snuck up and planted herself near me. A dolly was in store for this girl who promptly began snuggling that dolly and then me. Lohir received the last dolly to wear a dress made from Ricky's shirts. She was quiet but Mike said she really improved a lot since she’d been dropped off at the home. How can you not snuggle and love something this warm and tiny?