Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Dress for Violet from Leanne

Violet rode on her sister's back while the activities swirled on around her. She wasn’t happy to see the mzungu but she was quiet enough looking on from her protected perch. She pointed, grabbed, tugged, and otherwise flailed about in order to be part of the goings on near her home so long as she wasn’t too near the bright person. As the children gathered, though, she became more cramped and cranky until her mother came to her rescue.

Violet was sure to get a treat for her patience…an adorable green and white checked dress. Again, with the crammed quarters trying the dress on was a challenge. I can envision her little face peeking through the hole in the dress and I can picture her toddling around with the hem just past her bare buns. Chosen properly, the dresses seem to be the perfect size.