Friday, January 6, 2012

A Dress for Stella from Amy

I sat on the crabgrass overlooking the slum where we’d just delivered the Christmas dollies, I unloaded the bag with the last of the Christmas goodies. I hoped no ants, termites, or other crawling creatures would sneak under my skirt while I rested there. I wondered if it was too bad my red bag wasn’t lined with white fur. Perhaps that’s only an American conception of Santa.

Stella was wary but not afraid after she watched the candy being handed out along with a few cute little dresses. She even allowed me to touch her hand and eventually to slip this pile of polka dots over her head without screaming for her maama. Once she was satisfied, she gently settled into my lap while all the other children observed. These children didn’t press in or beg. The mothers were grateful. Stella was adorable.